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March 2016 – Music Releasee Review

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March 2016 has been an outstanding month for new music, well and truly setting the pace for the rest of the year to come. Not only have there been strong single releases from Biffy Clyro And A Day To Remember, but also there could easily have been 6 or 7 album contenders for March’s release of the month.

Because we’ve been spoiled for new releases this month we have a Top 4, as it was too hard to choose only 3. Missing out on the top spots however were Heck with “Instructions”, Hacktivist’s debut album “Outside The Box” and Killswitch Engage’s “Incarnate”.

Whilst both Hacktivist and Killswitch had strong areas to both their albums, there was also too many areas which felt dud. Both albums lacked a spark to take it to another level. Killswitch Engage had too many filler tracks, leaving you bloated with too many mediocre metalcore riffs, whilst Hacktivist didn’t carry that raw spark from their EP’s. Whilst Hacktivist have improved in many areas releasing newer versions of fan favourites, you can’t help but feel all the hype leading up to this debut release, leaves you feeling stuck in the mud.

4th Place – Tonight AliveLimitless

You’ve got to admire a band that’ll risk it all in the name of creative freedom. Switching from their Pop Punk roots to attempt becoming a more arena rock-sounding band. Limitless see’s the Aussie five-piece take a wrecking ball to the sound they know and push boundaries through the use of cinematic synths, electronics, and different vocal styles allowing for skyscraper choruses.

Tonight Alive’s leap of faith has pulled off seeing the band entwine slick 90’s pop hooks, with power ballad crescendos. Jenna McDougall’s powerhouse vocals are what bring this record into its own with genre-spanning vocals on “Drive” to a more sexy yet delicate approach on “Human Interaction”. There is no barrier stopping this young woman. This album will see the band get their push to main stages at festivals and hopefully support slots at bigger arenas.

For Fans Of: No Doubt, Paramore, All Time Low, PVRIS


3rd Place – Brian FallonPainkillers

After spending a decade singing openhearted confessionals as front-man of New Jersey outfit Gaslight Anthem, Brian Fallon is turning down his amp for his solo debut full of acoustic ballads and mid tempo country songs.

Painkillers can be compared to the likes of Frank Turner and Bruce Springsteen by giving both acoustic and folk music toughness, injecting it with ferocity similar to Fallon’s Gaslight Anthem releases. Standout tracks come in the way of “Among Other Foolish Things”, “Smoke” and “Red Lights”. More importantly is how Fallon’s songwriting perfectly tells stories of his life, allowing him to accept himself and his past worries and woes, occasionally in the style of love letters.

There’s no telling what’s next with The Gaslight Anthem’s future uncertain due to hiatus. One thing is certain though, on the strength of Painkillers, Fallon’s transition to a solo career seems risk free, yet rewarding and prosperous.

For Fans Of: Gaslight Anthem, Frank Turner, Bruce Springsteen


2nd Place – Oceans Of SlumberWinter

Progressive metal at it’s finest. One of the most open-ended genres. Easy to fail and hard to master, this genre is almost like Pandora’s box. Each album needs multiple listens just to digest part of an album. When it comes off, it can lead to some of the most compelling music ever to be heard. This is the case for Oceans Of Slumber.

With female singer Cammie Gilbert at the helm, this highly talented woman creates hauntingly beautiful vocals that both attack and play alongside powerful guitar tones and drums. Gilbert gives Oceans of Slumber their own sonic identity, separating them from the prog metal pack, via an angelic voice, entwined alongside crashing thunderous riffs. Thus creating a truly dark yet embracing album.

Standout tracks that are indescribable (other than the fact you’ll be covered in goose bumps) are album title track “Winter” as well as “Nights in White Satin”, “Turpentine” and “Sunlight”.

Winter is destined to be one of the best albums 2016. The songs are memorable, the musicianship is incredible and you’ll hear something new with each listen. With some more listens Winter has the potential to be album of the year. Regardless of that, you can put your last dollar on them being the biggest breakthrough band of 2016.

Winter is a truly diverse enigma of craftsmanship that manages to sound fresh and unique in 2016.

For Fans Of: Opeth, Gojira, Black Crown Initiate, Dream Theater.


1st Place – Amon AmarthJomsviking

Viking metal is sadly the black sheep of the metal world. However with Amon Amarth finding their return to form, hope has been reinstalled. Jomsviking is the melodic death metal band’s first attempt at a concept album, telling both a revenge and love story of the Jomsvikings – legendary Viking mercenaries.

Many critics are saying this is the swede metaller’s finest release since Twilight Of The Thunder God and they are definitely onto something. Jomsviking is filled to the rim with powerful guitar riffs and heavy hitting drums. Jomsviking depicts all topics such as gory violence on “First Kill” whilst other tracks such as “On A Sea Of Blood” show off Amon Amarth’s true skill for fast-paced, hard-hitting music. All of this whilst never losing track of their narrative goals as a concept album.

Raise Your Horns” seems destined to become a live favorite with memorable riffs and the call to “drink to glory tonight.” The up-tempo “On a Sea of Blood” alternates nicely between ominous heaviness and dexterous guitar fills. “At Dawn’s First Light” is a true war face track, full of angst, violence and instantly makes you feel as if you’re a small army preparing for brutality.

If you’re looking for a new death metal band, be prepared to hear commanding growls that will plough straight through you, whilst thunderous drums pummel you senseless. Jomsviking has a great mix of fast and slower songs, mixed with heavier death metal moments as opposed to typical Viking metal.

Amon Amarth have changed the game, mixing it up for all bands within death metal and Viking metal with quite possibly the groundbreaking album of their career to date. Jomsviking.

For Fans Of: Children of Bodom, Behemoth, In Flames, Vader, The Black Dahlia Murder

amon 600x600bb


February 2016 – Music Releases Review

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February has been a mixed bag of ups and down for music lovers. Whilst there’s been a lot of rubbish released and little in the way of hidden gems have stood out. A few little starlets have left a lasting impression that’s worthy of being recognised and rewarded.

One band that needs to be mentioned and also perfectly sums up February is Simple plan. Their latest release Taking One For The Team is in parts a pop punk spectacle, reminiscent of the early noughties. Yet sadly in others is the two-headed monster of Disney’s High School Musical having a one night stand with failed chart artists aspiring to be the next Maroon 5 or R Kelly. Mix this up with no angst, edge or even the slightest bit of balls then you have this album. Something for everyone that pleases no one. Until you have listened you simply can’t fully understand.

Now to the good stuff…


3rd place – Entombed ADDead Dawn

Dead Dawn is the complete opposite of Simple Plan. Full Balls to the wall, beginning to end. (The one and only time we will ever compare Simple Plan and Entombed. promise!)

 Dead Dawn carries on from its predecessor’s record with heavy hitting punches full of death metal, thrash, punk and hardcore. If you want music that is spewing with ferocity, you’re in the right place. The Swedish four-piece have continued to create their legacy with destructive guitar riffs, vocals filled with such deep doomful growls and drums to set the tempo perfectly for everything else in between.

Songs “Down To Mars To Ride” and “As The World Fell” are two standout performances amongst 10 pull no punches tracks. These two tracks in particular are full of gore, slogged out riffs, punishing extended growls and enough bogged down doom riffs to kill a small army of nursery infants.

 Dead Dawn is forty minutes of pummeling Swedish death metal filled with rock and roll angst and gruesome grueling guitar tones. True blood spewing heavy metal riffs entwined with nauseous hardcore, stomp-ready breakdowns. True ‘fuck you and this world’s acceptance’ music.

For Fans Of: Entombed, Slayer, Goatwhore


2nd place – Monster TruckSittin’ Heavy

Yet another great follow up record has come in the way of Monster Truck’s Sittin’ Heavy. The Canadian rockers have produced a surprisingly good album filled with Soul, Groove, Funk, Stoner Rock, Blues and just straight up classic Rock ‘n’ Roll. These guys have it all covered.

Imagine the kind of music to feature in the legendary series Sons Of Anarchy, then you can understand the type of top notch easily listening rock and roll blues this album features. Without being disrespectful to the band, this is true biker music… it flows fell, is catchy and chilled yet still has classic moments of fast-paced, high-octane, galvanizing melodies. The record blends well with speed and tone without making the listener’s mood fluctuate too much.

A true rock and roll powerhouse record from a band that is criminally underrated. Just try putting this record on and not breaking out that dusty yet still mud stained denim jacket, or booze covered leathers from your youth. A guaranteed album to get stuck on repeat in your car!

Stand out tracks come in the way of “She’s a Witch”, “New Soul” and “The Enforcer”. All the kind of get going tracks which will have you wind-milling and air-guitaring like you’re Hendrix, Angus Young or Eddie Van Halen.

Monster Truck’s Sittin’ Heavy will be sitting pretty as the best blues rock and roll album of 2016 come the end of December.

For Fans Of: The Temperance Movement, The Black Keys, Curtis Stigers, The Forest Rangers, The White Buffalo

Mnst truck


1st Place – CreeperThe Stranger (EP)

Ladies and Gentlemen… Please acquaint yourself with the hottest up and coming band in the world. Creeper.

The horror-punk sextet from Southampton has set the world ablaze with just three dazzling EP’s. No Album insight either. Building on excellence with each EP they release, as well as signed up to Road Runner Records, Creeper have amazingly raised the bar yet again with The Stranger.

To some up the sound of this breath of fresh air, would be to merge together My Chemical Romance, R.E.M, Andy Black, Meat Loaf and Milk teeth. A true unique and thrilling sound to the 2015/2016-rock world.

Thanks to the genius songwriting of Will Gould and enthusiastic drumming of Dan Bratton, you are looking/listening to a band that has the creativity only few can produce. For a band so early into their career, Creeper is showing the same artistic attitude and maturity to follow in the paths of David Bowie or Prince.

The Stranger experiences everything from flamboyant Goth rock, to horror show punk rock ballads. By the end of this EP you will be apart of a tribal movement for one of the best up and coming dramatic, gloom, Goth, punk bands ever to step foot on this earth.

There are two standout tracks on this EP. “Black Mass”, filled with the speed and tempo that meets the sing along melodies of R.E.M, whilst “The Misery” is a musically stripped-down bonafide classic filled of sorrow. “Misery” shows Will Gould’s songwriting craft via his mixture of performing fragility yet flourishing power. An emotional masterpiece like no other!

Despite having just fourteen songs to their name, Creeper’s evolution is already one for the ages. By the time that debut LP rears its head, they may well be the one of the country’s most vibrant and vital new bands. We may have a new cult following on our hands.

For Fans of: AFI, My Chemical Romance, R.E.M, David Bowie.



January 2016 – Albums Review

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2016 is only 1 month old, yet it already seems we have some strong candidates for album of the year. The question for now however remains, which was the best release this January.

With strong contenders coming from the punk, metalcore and rock genre’s, who will have the coveted title of ‘Album of the month – January 2016!’

Worthy mentions not making the top 3 include RoamBackbone, and BasementPromise Everything.


3rd place – Bury TomorrowEarthbound

Earthbound is the fourth studio album from Brit metalcore outfit Bury Tomorrow. After a mixed bag of opinions regarding last release Runes, the Hampshire band have left people with no doubts about Earthbound. A solid release which is not only their best release yet, but also their most powerful. Front man Dani Winter-Bates sounds even more raw with an evil array of unclean vocals, where as clan vocalist/rhythm guitarist Jason has truly upped his game also bringing some edge to his choruses. Stand out tracks on the record come in the way of “The Eternal”, “Earthbound”, “Cemetery” and “Memories“.

All doubters can be hushed with this metalcore record showing maturity in their songwriting and capability to create thick, hard and heavy guitar hooks. Take this and  entwine it with peaking clean vocal bridges and soaring screams, then you’ll find yourself a metalcore record distancing itself from the ‘house style’ sound that many bands share within a genre that has recently lacked bands with individuality. It’s clear to see why Bury Tomorrow are the front runners in the metalcore world.

For Fans Of: Killswitch Engage, The Ghost Inside


2nd Place – Panic! At The DiscoDeath Of A Bachelor

In 2016 it’s hard to class PATD as just a rock band. This record has influences spanning from the likes of Queen and Frank Sinatra, all the way through to Fall Out Boy. A solo album in all but name, Panic! At The Disco’s fifth full-length sees Brendan Urie describe his hometown Vegas, making sense for that casino, flashy, charismatic feel this album has.

This album screams the show must go on… Picture dramatic theater and The great Gatsby party atmosphere mixed in with the highs and lows of Las Vegas gambler lifestyle. Sparking into life with handclaps and a choir of cheerleaders, ‘Victorious’ kick starts the party like a shot of Sambuca coursing through the bloodstream. Vocally, Brendon lets rip and sounds like he’s having an absolute whale of a time, singing about decadence and living carefree in the moment, whatever the consequences. perfectly summing up Vegas if it ever needed it.

This record could not get any further from the PATD! of 10 years ago and if there was ever to be a Hangover 4, the movies soundtrack is right here. An album full of class, charisma, boisterousness, jungle book mentality,  champagne highs, whiskey in a brown bag lows and everything in between. This isn’t just music, it’s a man expressing a lifestyle.

For Fans Of: Fall Out Boy, Queen, Frank Sinatra



1st place – Milk teethVile Child

whilst there has been some strong releases this month, none of them can come close to this debut album from punk rockers Milk Teeth. After breaking through into the big time in 2015 and signing to Hopeless Records, Vile Child has been eagerly anticipated. With belting singles coming in the way of “Brain Food” and “Brick Work” this album exudes passion and energy. The female fronted vocals mixed in with growling bass tones and fuzzy guitars melodies, bring this well-crafted album into debate for Album of the year, let alone Album of the month.

Milk Teeth have put Cheltenham on the map for talented alternative musicians on the rise. Without a doubt Vile Child  is the album to dig it’s nails in underneath your skin this month due to such a refreshing distinctive sound proving this album to be a grunge/punk masterpiece.


For Fans of: Nirvana, Allusondrugs, Best Coast, No Doubt,






Happy 15th Birthday to “Enema Of The State”!!!

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Tomorrow (June, 1) will mark 15th years since the release of Blink-182’s ‘Enema Of The State’, one of the best and most critically acclaimed pop-punk albums in history. The 1999 year release holds a major responsibility in laying the foundations for an overwhelming number of bands across multiple genre’s who are hoping to follow in the US trio’s footsteps. This album did not only prove to be a major turning point in the band’s career, but it has also been imprinted in many people’s lives as a source of inspiration, escape from reality, or party rock record. Love them or hate them, this record went down in history a long… long… time ago. Yet it still deserves the appreciation as if it was released a mere few days ago. 

So the backstory to the record. It’s important to note that this was the band’s third studio release and also the first to feature new drummer Travis Barker. A legend who is now recognised the world over because of his time in the band. A man who can use his sticks like no other. Oh and survived a plane crash which sparked the reunion of the band after their hiatus in 2005. After Blink-182 achieved Gold status with 1997’s Dude Ranch, Travis replaced original drummer Scott Raynor in 1998 who was fired and the band have never looked back since. This 12 track wonder was the record where Blink had to make a name for themselves and they sure did.

There is no doubt that this record is the sole reason for the SoCal band’s catapult into stardom and arguably making them the biggest pop-punk band ever. The success of ‘Enema Of The State’ gave way to the likes of New Found Glory, Good Charlotte and Fall Out Boy who then earned significant airtime the world over. With this record, Blink even caught the attention of MTV (Yes When MTV was still about the music!) with their music videos being plastered all over the channel at any point possible. The Film series “American Pie” have a strong allegiance with the pop-punk trio, featuring songs across most of the bands back catalogue, but this will always be the record that puts you back to that moment of time when life was great. The true definition of a feel good record.

It’s safe to say this was the album to represent middle-class teenage life – a time which some pop-punk fans (myself included) don’t want to let go of.

So what was so great about Enema Of The State? Well considering it features instant hits like “What’s My Age Again?”, “All The Small Things” and “Adam’s Song” you’d be some kind of feral creature to have not come across at least one of these songs at some point in your life. If you haven’t, what have you been doing the past 15 years?! The album is full of jam-packed non-stop getting going hits. From those first few frets Tom Delonge plays on album opener “Dumpweed”, Instant euphoria takes over. Its no wonder why the band still decide to open most of their live shows with this song.

The album’s choice of song topics differed majorly as any music fan would hope for. With the writing capabilities of two full-time musicians, and part-time poo, sex and dick jokers, Mark Hoppus (bassist) and Tom Delonge (Guitarist) culled stories from friends and autobiographical situations to craft tracks revolving around breakups, suburban parties and maturity, as well as more offbeat subject matter such as UFO conspiracy theories – (Yes i’m on about ‘Alien’s Exist’ and it’s brilliance.)

No matter how much people tried to pigeonhole Blink-182 and this record for being pop produced rubbish by a puerile group, Blink have took it on the chin paying it no attention what so ever. They knew what it meant to the fans and the fans knew what it meant to the band. Blink created their own community of the back of this record and along with Green Day singlehandedly crafted the pop-punk genre.

Enema Of The State marked Blink’s card, paving the way for future works of art in follow up albums “Take Off Your Pants And Jacket” and their self-titled album. It’s interesting to think what would have come of the pop-punk genre without this record. Personally i don’t think it would’ve existed and if it did, it would never of reached the heights of the mainstream music.

The album represents a time in people’s lives where everything was much more simple, times were happier and stress free and you wouldn’t have a care in the world other than what tracks would feature on the next free Kerrang! Magazine CD. This record is the perfect goto pick me up. The perfect summer drive album. The perfect party-starting record. Enema Of The State have it covered regardless of the scenario and it’s legacy needs to be passed on to future generations. No matter if you were old enough to witness the rise of Blink-182 via Enema Of The State, or if you are a late bloomer, there’s most certainly a place in your heart that is built for pop-punk.

Who knows… It may get the elder pop-punkers to find out their checkerbox Vans and lose their shit to Alien Ant Farm, or it may embrace the new-breed of pop-punk fans who will bring back the baggy shorts from Fatface creating the ever-growing pizza enthusiastic image that comes with the pop-punk name tag.

Enema Of The State will be in many fans hearts for years to come and after going platinum numerous times in seven different countries, so it should. As for know find out the CD, re-download it, listen on Youtube,  do whatever. Just whack it on and raise a glass to 15 years of Enema Of The State, whilst reminiscing of the young US trio running down the street naked past that hot nurse.

Oh and as for the album artwork… Here’s what PornStar  Janine Lindemulder looks like now… D’ya feel old yet?

Screen Shot 2014-05-31 at 17.03.48

Happy Birthday ‘Enema Of The State’!!!

Pop-punk’s not dead!

Suicide Silence to release fourth album in July

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American deathcore giants Suicide Silence will release “You Can’t Stop Me” in July. “You Can’t stop Me” will mark such a substantial moment in the bands career. The album will be the first without former frontman Mitch Lucker who passed away in November 2012. The album will also be the first to feature new vocalist Hernan “Eddie” Hermida (ex- All Shall Perish member).

The fourth studio album from Suicide Silence will be available in on July 11 in Europe (except in the U.K., where it will arrive on July 14) and July 15 in North America. “You Can’t Stop Me” will be available via record label Nuclear Blast. 

Recently in an interview, Guitarist Mark Heylum said Eddie is quite a versatile vocalist and he’s willing to experiment, so we’re definitely exploring the horizons, but don’t expect anything less than pure brutality throughout.” 

Mitch Lucker died in a tragic motorbike accident at the age of 28, leaving behind his wife and young daughter Kenadee, aged 5 at the time. The band who live on in memory of Mitch created the Kenadee Lucker Education Fund and continues to promote donations towards Mitch’s daughter in loss of her father. 

Guitarist Mark Heylum said The long and short of it is this, Mitch left behind a set of lyrics with the title “You Can’t Stop Me”. This gave us chills, to say the least, and we knew we had the title and title track. This filled us with inspiration for writing sessions to empower us and empower you, the supporters of SUICIDE SILENCE.” 

He added “I’m not gonna tell you this is our best record we’ve ever done. I’m gonna tell you this is the record we care more about than any record we’ve ever done. This is a record that we fought, bled, sweated, and fucking cried over.”

The upcoming album will be one that all Suicide Silence fans will be nervous over, yet eagerly awaiting its arrival. Mitch was a frontman with a voice, character and charm like no other. However the time has come for another extremely talented individual to stomp his mark on the band whilst acknowledging and carrying on Mitch’s heritage in a respectful manner. 

In October 2013, Suicide Silence posted a clip of their well known song “You Only Live Once” featuring new vocalist Eddie Hermida, giving fans a taste of what is to come from the ex- All Shall Perish frontman. See below. 

3 months ago, the band released the Mitch Lucker Documentary on their youtube channel. The 30 minute video was posted with the message Rest In Power. Legends Never Die.” The video included stories and memories from Mitch’s family and band member speaking about his personality, his life, and the band. A truly heartfelt tribute that is most definitely worth a watch. 

In February this year, Suicide Silence released “Ending Is the Beginning: The Mitch Lucker Memorial Show” as a CD/DVD. It featured guest appearances from musicians such as Randy Blythe (Lamb Of God), Austin Carlile (Of Mice & Men) and Robb Flynn (Machine Head). A true celebration of a life that meant so much to many. 

Mitch’s motto was “Without the fans, we aint shit.” This was repeated throughout his time in the band. It showed how grateful Mitch was to each and every fan of Suicide Silence. It proves how much the band needed their fans. Now that motto means more than ever as the band need each and every fan to get behind them in their new chapter of Suicide Silence. 

R.I.P Mitch Lucker. 


Deftones Unveil ‘Smile’ In Memory Of Chi Cheng

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Sunday 13 April Marked the one-year anniversary of Deftones bassist Chi Cheng’s death. In honour of their late friend, the band have released one of the last songs they ever recorded with him. ‘Smile’. Throughout 2008, the band from Sacramento, California, had been recording the shelved album Eros, which “Smile” is taken from. Eros was planned for release in 2009, however, never saw the light of day as Cheng was in a car collision in November 2008. Sadly Chi Cheng was in a coma from then on until his death in April 2013.

With Cheng in a coma after his incident, Deftones went on to release two albums without him. 2010 saw the release of Diamond Eyes, whilst 2012 bought us Koi No Yokan. Both albums were recorded with help from Sergio Vega who was bought in to play bass in place of Chi Cheng.

On sunday, lead singer Chino Moreno took to his own personal Twitter and the band’s Facebook to post the song ‘Smile’. The song was posted alongside the message Chi, We miss you today and everyday.” -deftones. 


“Smile” shows both the positivity and negativity through the sweeping atmospherics and beautifully haunting vocals of Chino Moreno. The song clearly held a lot of emotion when first recorded. Now with the passing of Chi, it has only become harder and more heartfelt for the band. Lyrics such as “smile, you’re born again” and “Do you feel love” makes the song feel as if it has been written personally for Chi’s passing, even though it was written back in 2008. However, no matter what the song was meant to summarise, it will surely be known as Chi’s song from now on. It is also one of the last ever tracks to feature Chi Cheng on bass. 

There has been no official plans made as of yet regarding an official release for Eros; but the track uploaded by Chino Moreno has already been removed by Warner Bros. However, there are still alternative videos of the song all over the internet for you to listen to.

Deftones lost a big part of their history in Chi Cheng and “Smile” fits as a touching tribute to one of their best friends who they played alongside for many years. R.I.P Chi Cheng. Gone, but not forgotten. 

Deftones will be back in the UK this summer to play Sonisphere Festival at Knebworth Park. Don’t miss what will most definitely be a standout set of the weekend when the alternative metallers take to the stage. 


Keep Your Eyes And Ears At The Ready for: Chunk! No Captain Chunk!

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So new music and new acts is always important in the music industry right? Well here’s a band that have in fact been together since 2007. In that time the band hailing from Paris, France have released six singles, one EP and two studio albums, yet somehow the Pop-Punk/Metalcore quintet are just pulling up fashionably late to the scene. Ladies and gents… Chunk! No Captain Chunk!

So where to start with these guys. Firstly they aren’t all about the cliche sex, drugs and rock n’ roll image. No, these guys are described by their record label (Fearless Records) as “here for a good time, all of the time and they aren’t afraid to be silly. As a result, they’ve created a different kind of party rock.” This band is most certainly a must check-out band for fans of A Day To Remember, We Came As Romans or Asking Alexandria.

Fun Fact! The band name is taken from the scene in 1985 adventure-comedy film “The Goonies” in which Chunk and Sloth arrive on the scene to help their friends. Cool right?

The band is made up of frontman Bertrand Poncet, guitarists Eric Poncet and Paul Wilson, Bassist Mathias Rigal and drummer Jonathan Donnaes. Now for those of you looking at the image of the band and jumping to conclusions over their potential – Think again! They sure as hell can make some noise and at a very high level indeed. They back up the point with two fantastic albums in “Something For Nothing” (2010) and “Pardon My French” (2013). The first goto song should be “Haters Gonna Hate” from their latest album. The band also known as the abbreviation C!NCC! show on this song how versatile they can be with a mix of catchy Pop-Punk choruses and hard hitting metalcore verses. Whilst this song doesn’t particularly show the strength of Betrand Poncet’s screams, it most defiantly shows his talent for his clean vocals. For proof of his talent in the heavier department listen to “Bipolar Mind”

Now for a band that is starting to make a name for themselves (at last!) they have managed to attain some great slots playing alongside some fan favourite bands. Chunk! No Captain Chunk! will support Bury Tomorrow on their European and UK tour this April and May. They will also play alongside bands such as The All-American Rejects, Letlive, Less Than Jake, Neck Deep and many more at this years Slam Dunk festival taking place in Wolverhampton, Hertfordshire and Leeds. Later this year the band will be crossing the big pond to tour the USA as part of the bill for Warped Tour! The perfect place to stomp your foot down leaving people craving you each and every bit more. If an up and coming band wants to make an impression then they have to run with the high-flyers and to support such big bands as these and playing Warped Tour, it can only mean good things to come right?  It is also worth noticing that the french band have recently finished their Rock Sound Impericon tour playing alongside We Came As Romans, Palm Reader and The Colour Morale. So keeping busy right?

Now if you’re a fan of those diamonds in the rough, also known as covers – then it’s worth a mention that Chunk! No Captain Chunk! feature on “Punk Goes 90’s Volume 2” The party rockers from Paris have covered Smash Mouth’s big hit “All Star” and have nailed it! Today will see the release of their video for the single (1st April.) The video will premiere on Vevo! Be sure to check it out.

Songs like “Restart” and “Haters Gonna Hate” are emblematic of what C!NCC are doing with their unique brand of Pop-Punk with moshability. Their latest album shows how much the band have progressed so early in their career, especially considering they record their first album in their bedrooms! Armed with a solid, thriller of a record in the form of “Pardon My French” and a well-earned reputation for shaking the rafters at the venues in which they play, Chunk! No, Captain Chunk are able to spread their lively energy to all who listen.

To end, in the words of Fearless Records once again – “You may as well get on board this runaway train now before you get run over! There’s good times ahead, courtesy of Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!”